Love for Littles Holiday Project



Calling all compassionate individuals eager to bring LOVE & JOY to families enduring the challenges of the NICU this Holiday Season.

Navigating the emotional journey of having a baby is demanding on any given day. For those with newborns in the NICU during the holidays, the difficulty is amplified. This year, our mission is to infuse extra JOY into the lives of families spending Christmas in the hospital with their little ones.

With your generous support, we aim to present EACH family in the NICU with a gift bag brimming with FABULOUS items, either locally crafted or thoughtfully purchased.

Are you inspired by this initiative and want to contribute to our special Holiday Project? Fantastic! Here's how you can make a difference:

1. Gift any new items of your choosing to help us fill these gift bags, whether as an individual or on behalf of your business. Drop off donations to Baby Bump at 728 18th Street.

2. Purchase any number of specially priced items directly from our website,, under the Love for Littles Holiday Project section and we will add your purchased items to a bag.

3. Share your story! Post your experiences and tag @bdnbabybump. We'll amplify your story, as part of this project is about providing a platform for parents to share their journeys, offering strength and encouragement to others facing similar situations.

    We express our heartfelt THANKS to our INCREDIBLE community and value your LOVE and SUPPORT in joining us to spread JOY to those who truly need it. Delivering these bags to the NICU each year is such an incredible feeling, and we couldn't do it without your generous donations. 

    We will be accepting donations until Monday, December 18th. 


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