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Shake it up, Baby!


Babies instinctively respond to music.  Singing, dancing, and playing are beautiful ways for parent and baby to bond and grow together.  In this class, babies will explore new sounds, sensations, and objects.  Shared activities for babies and caregivers provide the opportunity to strengthen connections through joyful music making experiences.




Little ones are born with the capacity to enjoy and make music.  Through early exposure to songs, music and movement activities, babies learn about the natural rhythm and tempo of language.

Join us to sing familiar songs and rhymes, and learn new songs to add to your repetoire.  To add to the muti-sensory experience, each class will also incorporate some basic singing for babies.  Babies will be introduced to a variety of baby-safe instruments, ball and scarf play activities, and dances that stimulate babies natural responses to music.  Learn lap bounces, snuggles and tickles that are great fun for both baby and parent.

Each session will consist of structured activity time, followed by free play and exploration time, where both babies and parents have a chance to interact and socialize.

*Class is suitable for infants-18 months




April 6-27

45 minutes guided class followed by 15 minutes free play and visiting!

*** POSTPONED******

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Instructor: Allison Kirby  

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