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  • The Joyful Life Co. Your Sweet Little Words Book

The Joyful Life Co. Your Sweet Little Words Book



This easy to use Sweet Little Words book will help you document your little one’s first words and all of the adorable quotes that accompany the first years of language development. So often we say, ‘I should write that down’ when a little person says amazing and funny things. Remember when your little mixed up mushroom and marshmallow and ask to roast mushrooms at the campfire? Or when “HI” was their first word and your never want to forget?

The standard book includes page headings that take you from age one through to age seven. On each page, there is space to document all the sweet words you want to remember forever. It is simple and easy to document, and with little effort you will have a keepsake for years to come!

8 x 10 professionally bound softcover, 26 pages in total. Includes a handy two-page reference of speech and language milestones on the last two pages of the book, written by a registered Speech-Language Pathologist.

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