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Stroll + Stretch Yoga

Stroll + Stretch Yoga


Stroll and Stretch Yoga is developed to get us outdoors, before we blink and our Manitoba summer is over! This class checks all the boxes - sun, time with your child, exercise, yoga, relaxation, fun, and socialization!
We will meet at a local park and begin the class by hitting the old dusty trail for 30 minutes of power walking & cardiovascular fitness, using a stroller or baby carrier for added resistance. The second half of the class will include 30 minutes of flow yoga in the park, working on mindful breathing and movement


Where: Parkdale Community Park and Playground  (We meet on the basketball courts by the old wooden park.  The little path by the MTS building on Durum Drive will take you right there). Please call 204-717-5437 if you need further explanation!


In the event of rain or cold weather, we will call you prior to class to notify of plan for rescheduling 

What: 30 min stroller or baby carrier walking + 30 min flow yoga
Who: Mom’s (6 weeks postpartum), Dad’s or caregivers.  All ages of children are welcome- we just ask that your child be able to sit in the stroller for the duration of the 30 minute walk.  During the yoga portion of the class, children can participate in the yoga poses and/or older children can head over to the adjacent playground (with caregivers approval of course!)
Don’t forget - water & snacks, shade & sunscreen, toys, and to dress appropriately for the weather! No yoga mats are required but having a small blanket for some of the poses is recommended


The safety of our clients, our staff and our community is of the utmost importance to us.  

To adhere to Covid distancing requirements we ask that you stay on your yoga mat at all times, and you are required to wear a mask during the class.

You and your child can NOT attend this class if

  • you have any symptoms of COVID-19
  • travelled outside the province in the last two weeks
  • have had direct contact with a positive Covid 19 case or someone waiting for results of a Covid19 test

 If you have any questions re: this please don't hesitate to reach out 



6 Week Series
April 21- May 26
11am - 12pm and 12-1pm

April 22 - May 27
11am - 12pm and 12-1pm 


Click here for link to location on google maps. -> .

Instructor: Tara Stokes


See cancellation policy for return details