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Move & Groove


An engaging and active class for those little ones on the move! We will sing, dance, explore, and play together providing a fun outlet for lively toddler energy!




Based on developmentally appropriate practice, each class invites toddlers and caregivers to engage in playful movement activities that will nurture language acquisition, social and emotional skills, and gross motor skill development.

Activities will include: songs and rhymes, playing simple musical instruments, dancing and creative movement, sensory activities, playing with props such as scarves, bean bags, parachutes, and puppets.

Participants must be independently walking and should dress comfortably- ready for fun!

30 minute structured class, followed by 15 minutes of “social networking”, a chance for parents and children to connect with others are also experiencing the joys and complexities of these busy years.




6 Week Series


Apr 16- May 21



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Instructor: Allison Kirby  

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