Mindful Movements For Pregnancy

Mindful Movements For Pregnancy


Join Alyssa McNish, mama, physiotherapist & registered yoga teacher, through a guided mindful movement series that is safe and geared specifically towards pregnant women.  The benefits of yoga in the prenatal period are endless and include:

-Improved Sleep
-Reduced Stress and Anxiety
-Increased strength, flexibility and endurance of the muscles needed for childbirth
-Develops a mind-body-breath connection; leads to a more empowered birth experience
-Can relieve discomfort from common prenatal conditions such as lower back pain, nausea and shortness of breath
-Build connectivity between other women
-Builds a bond between you and your baby!


-Each 60-minute class will focus on breath awareness, gentle mindful movements and poses that are specifically targeting strengthening, endurance, and flexibility of the muscles needed for childbirth
-Classes will bring awareness to the core and pelvic floor
-Have an opportunity to connect with other mamas
-Yoga is for everyone and every body!  No prior yoga experience is necessary.
-Modifications will be provided for differing trimesters



3 week series
May 10, 17 + 24



Instructor - Alyssa McNish, La Fleur Yoga @lafleuryoga

Please see cancellation policy for return details