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Infant Massage


Infant massage has many benefits, it increase your loving, nurturing bonds with your little one but will also assist in their healthy and happy development.  Come and see how infant massage can allow you to connect and bond with baby on a deeper level!




Infant massage is an age old tradition originating in India that has been taught throughout the world from generation to generation. There are many benefits to infant massage for both baby and parents/caregivers the most significant being:

  • it helps to relax and soothe both baby and parent/caregiver
  • it deepens bonding
  • it helps improve communication between baby and parent/caregiver (reading verbal and non-verbal cues)
  • it contributes to development of baby’s body, mind and spirit
  • massaged babies gain healthy weight better, helps enhance the digestion process and can be an effective tool at reducing symptoms of gas and colic
  • helps babe to sleep better…YAY!!

This class is best for babies from 3 weeks old to just crawling age (although all babies up to assisted walking may attend) It is a 1hour class in a 4 week series where the parent/caregiver will learn how to give their infant a full body massage.

Each class you will learn and practice on your babies a few body parts to be massaged and then a review from the previous class to ensure you will have a complete understanding of how to do a full body massage for an infant! Weekly handouts and massage oil to take home are included


April 3 - 24


Both parents are welcome to come or up to two caregivers for each infant.               Class size is limited

Instructor: Sheri Reimer 

“Touch is the first language we speak”

-Stephen Gaskin


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