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Strengthen & Heal


This class is for pregnant women or anyone with little ones at home.  It is designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to strengthen and heal your body after baby

Each week you will learn more about your body and spend time practicing exercises to aid recovery


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  • The changes your body has undergone
  • Practices and Exercises to help your body heal
  • Safe exercises vs. harmful exercises
  • How to properly strengthen your Pelvic Floor
  • How to know if you may have a Diastsis Recti and what to do about it
  • Working out with a Prolapse
  • Returning to activities after a C-section
  • How to safely progress in your workouts


5 Week Series 

Stay tuned for dates coming soon....

Please note that this is not a baby and me class


Please see cancellation policy for return details


We want to make sure that this class is right for you so all participants of this course are asked to complete this quick and easy PAR-Q+ survey. Thank You!





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