Birthing Again

Birthing Again


Often people assume that what they learned and experienced in their first delivery has completely prepared them for what to expect the next time around. The truth is, that every pregnancy and every birth is different, and your next delivery will be a whole new experience from the last.

This session is a refesher class designed for the growing family. It offers a special opportunity to connect with your pregnancy, prepare for your upcoming birth, and explore ways to welcome your new baby into the family.


  • Physical and emotional changes in third trimester 
  • Activities for pregnancy comfort and easier birth
  • Refresher on stages of labor, coping strategies, relaxation and breathing techniques, managing labor discomforts
  • Tips to help prepare sibling(s) for the new baby and suggestions on how to connect with a new baby in the midst of your new busy family life
  • Reflect on previous birth experiences and connect on what worked well and what you hope for the next time around
  • Quick overview on feeding baby and baby care if needed



"My husband and I attended the Birthing Again class last night.  It exceeded all of our expectations.  We loved the private setting and felt comfortable having an open discussion about our previous birth experience and some of the fear/anxieties about the next one.  We left feeling excited to do it all over again and empowered that I can make it through once again!! Thank you so much Adrienne for sharing your knowledge and experience with us"