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Baby Zen Yoga


This class offers an opportunity to interact and connect with your baby, your inner self and other moms in your community. 

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Join in for this joyful practice of yoga. This class uses a combination of movement, postures and breath to work on strength, flexibility and balance. In vinyasa we synchronize movement and breath to cultivate a flowing practice. Paying equal attention to posture and transition, we build an awareness of the energetic and structural benefits of asana.

This class is perfect for babies of all ages. 

Everyone welcome – modifications will be offered for a variety of levels. Please ensure you have cleared participation with your health care provider. 


Stay tuned for dates coming soon!!

Drop ins welcome!!!


Instructor: Jenn Shields from Open Hearts Wellness


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We want to make sure that this class is right for you so all participants of this course are asked to complete this quick and easy PAR-Q+ survey. Thank You!


"Jenn's classes always give me a sense of calm amid the chaos.  Jenn is very good at helping everyone take a breath and pause to take care of themselves amidst the craziness that is motherhood.  I always come away from her yoga class feeling refreshed even if my baby is fussy for half the class."


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