Baby Belly Band Original Support Belt - Black

Baby Belly Band Original Support Belt - Black



Babybellyband Maternity Support Belt provides adjustable back, hip, and belly support. It relieves pregnancy pain, sacroiliac (si) joint dysfunction, or lower back strain. Additionally, this band can be worn from the start of pregnancy through postpartum. The maternity belly band is soft, flexible, and excellent for every new Mom. Exclusive to Babybellyband® are its add-on features: groin or shoulder straps (sold separately) can be added if more compression support is necessary.

The Babybellyband Original Maternity Support Belt is the most comfortable, versatile maternity belly band on the market! Firstly, this pregnancy belly band is made of custom designed fabric that is supportive, yet soft and flexible. Secondly, the babybellyband® has been carefully designed with no bulky edges for superior comfort and to prevent “rolling.” Lastly, Velcro compatibility on all surfaces makes it easy to add extra support with our Babybellyband® add on’s!

Included with your Babybellyband® Maternity Support Belt is an optional extra support band that can be stretched and attached to any part of the Babybellyband®. This provides custom amounts of extra lift and compression support! As a result, this pregnancy belly band is an essential for every new Mom!

The Babybellyband Original Maternity Support Belt provides superb support for the lower back and sacroiliac ( SI ) joint. Additionally, it relieves pain for hip separation (sciatica ) and round ligament or abdominal strain due to pregnancy or carrying around a new baby. This product is a MUST HAVE for TWIN pregnancy or exercise during pregnancy.