Momma Goose Teething Necklace (Raw Lemon & Rose Quartz)

Momma Goose Teething Necklace (Raw Lemon & Rose Quartz)


A necklace made with beads of genuine Baltic Amber interspersed with beautiful rose quartz.  In Momma Goose language, Baroque means the beads are round. NOTE: the value of the pink in each necklace varies from light (almost white) pink to deeper shades. 

This product is meant to be worn against the skin and under clothing. Your baby should not be able to get it up over the chin when wearing it. It it not designed to be chewed or sucked on and should be used under adult supervision. It should not be worn when your baby is sleeping unless you wrap the necklace twice around your baby's ankle and it is covered by a sleeper or is inaccessible to your baby.

Medium Necklaces - approximately 12-12.5 inches long