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2-in-1 Bandit by Belly Bandit- Nude

2-in-1 Bandit by Belly Bandit- Nude



Belly Bandits 2-in-1 Bandit™ is designed to work with your body during and after pregnancy. While your bump grows, our band comfortably lifts and supports you in all the right places. Then, once you've delivered, it becomes a hip wrap!


  • Lift and support your growing belly
  • Reducing the strain on your back muscles
  • Alleviate pelvic pain by limiting the mobility of your pelvic joints
  • Relieve pressure on your bladder
  • Increase postural stability, which can weaken during pregnancy as your center of gravity shifts
  • Reduce discomfort during exercise
  • Wear after delivery to: Stabilize hip and pelvic area during recovery & Help guide joints back to their proper pre-pregnancy position