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Tara Stokes, BA, BSW, MFC Instructor

My work in the health and fitness industry for 13 years has taught me so much about the value of health and fitness in my personal life as well as in the clients I served. Following educational pursuits of psychology and social work, I was always drawn back to my work in personal training because I felt there was a need for people to be informed of health promoting behaviours. I have a passion for educating & helping people to strive for better health. Health and fitness for me is not about dieting and exercising, but rather working towards physical, mental, and emotional health through physical activity and nutrition. My career in personal training lead to me become passionate about yoga as a means to become better connected with my body. During my pregnancy, I found so much relief physically and mentally thanks to my yoga practice. I am so excited to be working at Baby Bump with expectant and new Mom’s to help them experience some of the benefits I have enjoyed through my pre and postnatal journey.