Mindful Movements for Pregnancy


 Join Alyssa McNish, Online via Zoom, for a guided mindful movement series designed for birthing parents and their partners. This online series allows parents and/or support persons to attend yoga classes in the comfort of their own safe space at home, while preparing their mind and bodies for their baby's birth. Classes will be targeting the pregnant body, but birthing partners are encouraged to attend and enjoy together.

Classes will open at 7:15PM to settle in and connect.

Classes begin at 7:30PM and run for 60 minutes.

Guest Speakers will join into the group at 8:30PM on the following dates for an informal 20-30 minute Q&A session:

October 20 @ 8:30PM - Amy Rabe - @mind_fulmama - Perinatal Mental Health October 27 @ 8:30PM - Sheri Reimer - @spiritedsoulbirth - Doula & Birth Services

The benefits of yoga prior to birth include:
- improved sleep
- reduced stress and anxiety
- increased breath awareness, strength, endurance, and flexibility of the muscles needed for birth
- develops a mind-body-breath connection; leads to a more empowered birth experience
- can relieve discomfort from common prenatal conditions such as lower back pain, nausea and shortness of breath 
- builds a bond between you and your baby!
- builds connectivity between yourself, your partner, and other birthing parents!


Alyssa is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (RYT200) and has completed her 85 Hour Perinatal training (2021). Alyssa is also a graduate of the University of Manitoba's Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation in Physical Therapy Program (2009).

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