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Melissa Martin, Certified Child Sleep Consultant


I am a certified child sleep consultant and founder of Sleep Sanity Consulting. I came to the field after facing huge sleep challenges with my son, so I empathize with parents who are sleep deprived and looking for a solution! Armed with a knowledge base of ALL sleep training techniques and a fantastic sense-of-humor, I love nothing more than working with families to develop a customized sleep plan that works for them and gets the entire family the sleep they deserve! I am a proud graduate of both the Family Sleep Institute and the University of Manitoba, and I'm on my thirteenth year of working at Neelin High School where I teach Drama, or, as my students call it, "kindergarten on steroids"! As a parent and professional, I recognize that ever child is unique, and I enjoy the challenges that come with finding sleep solutions with each family I meet. No situation is impossible!