Love for Littles Holiday Project

ATTENTION to anyone wanting to help spread LOVE & JOY to the families spending time in the NICU this Holiday Season. 

Having a baby can be emotionally challenging on a regular day, and adding a baby in the NICU and the holidays into the equation can make things that much more difficult. This year we want to bring some extra JOY to those who are spending Christmas in the hospital with their little ones.

With your help, we are planning to give EVERY family in the NICU a stocking full of FABULOUS items made or purchased locally. 

Love this idea and want to be a part of our special Holiday Project?!! Thank you! Here's how you can help:

-you or your business can GIFT any items you wish or a monetary donation (even $5 adds up!) that will help us to fill these stockings

-you or your business can purchase as many of the items as you would like from our website or under heading Love for Littles Holiday Project 

-Share your story!  Post your story and tag @bdnbabybump and we will share your story.  Part of this project is giving a platform for parents to share their experiences in the hope of giving strength and encouragement to others in similar situations

We are so THANKFUL for our AMAZING community and APPRECIATE your LOVE and SUPPORT in helping us to spread JOY to those need it.  PLEASE spread the word by sharing our project!